Composition and response

About 80% of the eligible persons living in the registered panel households participate in the panel [1]. The monthly response of these participants varies between about 50% and 80%, depending on the questionnaire and month. Between October 2007 and February 2010 the monthly response gradually decreased. From March 2010 onwards, it slightly increased again, as a result of special efforts to contact inactive panel members[7]. In 2018 the average response was 82%.

A study of the respresentativeness of the LISS panel in the first year after its recruitment showed that some specific groups, for example elderly women and non-western first generation immigrants, were initially somewhat underrepresented in the LISS panel [3]. Another study compares the composition of the LISS panel between April 2008 and April 2010 with the Dutch population [4].

The respondent attrition is about 12% per year and the household attrition is 10% per year. Descriptions of which specific demographic groups have especially high or low probabilities to become inactive or to drop out are given by De Vos [5,6].

Papers and Research Notes on the Composition of the LISS Panel

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Composition and Response of the Immigrant Panel (ended December 2014)

The panel members of the Immigrant panel have been completing questionnaires from October 2010 up until December 2014. Three non-Western groups were somewhat underrepresented.

Papers and Research Notes on the Composition of the Immigrant Panel