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The LISS panel (Longitudinal Internet studies for the Social Sciences) is ideally suited for research where a correct representation of the Dutch population is of great importance. The panel is based on a true probability sample of households, drawn from the population register by Statistics Netherlands. It consists of 5,000 households, comprising approximately 7,500 individuals of 16 years and older. Self-registration is not possible, participation is invite-based only. Households that could otherwise not participate are provided with a simple computer and Internet connection. With these measures, we can control and guarantee the quality of the composition and representativeness of the panel. This distinguishes the LISS panel from other online panels where panel members often can register themselves and where non-internet users are absent.

LISS panel members complete online questionnaires every month with a total duration of 60 minutes on average and receive a monetary incentive for each completed questionnaire. One member in the household provides the household data (e.g. composition of the household, household total income, etc.) and updates this information at regular time intervals.

Part of the interview time available in the LISS panel is reserved for the LISS Core Study. This longitudinal study is repeated annually and is designed to follow changes in the life course and living conditions of the panel members. You can read more about this under the LISS Core Study tab. In addition to the LISS Core Study there is ample room to collect data for different research purposes. Many disciplines, from linguistics to medical sciences, use the research infrastructure on a monthly basis.

The LISS panel has been in full operation since October 2007. All collected data are made available for your own research through the LISS data archive.


Individuals and households who do not have Internet access are provided with a broadband connection and a computer called the “simPC”. The simPC is a small and simple device that makes use of centralized support and maintenance (see

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