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About the archive

All data obtained by studies in the LISS panel are published on the LISS data archive website and can thus also be used by other researchers. In addition to the studies proposed by external researchers, the LISS Core Study is conducted each year. This longitudinal study provides a wide range of data on the panel members that can be combined with the data of the Assembled Studies.

The demographics and other general background information on the households and respondents are updated in the LISS data archive each month (see Background Variables). The metadata and codebooks of all published studies are directly accessible via the Data Archive as well.

The published data can be accessed free of charge for scientific or policy relevant (non-commercial) research. To download the survey data you need to join de LISS community signing a statement confirming that you agree to the rules and conditions mentioned below.

Rules and Conditions

The published LISS panel data are freely available for researchers. You can download the data under the following conditions:

  • Data are used for scientific, policy or socially relevant (i.e. non-commercial) research.
  • Users have to sign a statement confirming that information about individual persons, households etc., will not be released to others. Data will only be made available after a signed statement has been received through Upon receipt of the signed statement you will receive a password enabling you to download the data. (Please consider five working days for us to process your request.)
  • Whenever a paper is written using LISS panel data, the author is required to send a copy to Centerdata. In addition, the following acknowledgement must be included: “In this paper, we make use of data from the LISS panel (Longitudinal Internet studies for the Social Sciences) managed by the non-profit research institute Centerdata (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)”. For a detailed description of referencing the LISS panel please consult the document Referencing and citing the LISS panel.
  • Access to data is for personal use only. Data users are prohibited from making copies of the data available to others.
  • Anyone wanting to use the data should contact Centerdata personally to request access to the data. This way we can then keep track of who the users are and can notify users of developments regarding the data.
  • Using data in a paid assignment for a third party is only permitted in return for payment. Additional restrictions apply here. Data users are required to consult Centerdata before using data for this purpose. Please contact Boukje Cuelenaere.
  • Students are also permitted to use the data for scientific purposes. However, the password provided will become inactive after a period of two years, but can be renewed if necessary.


If doubt exists as to whether the data are used in accordance with the conditions above, it is up to the core management of Centerdata to decide whether to grant a login code.

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