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All published datasets can be downloaded free of charge, under the condition that it is used for non-commercial scientific or policy-relevant purposes only. To download datasets, you need to sign a LISS data user statement confirming your agreement with the rules and conditions.

Datasets are available in the file formats SPSS, Stata and CSV. Each dataset is accompanied by an explanatory codebook and metadata. Variables from other LISS datasets in the archive can be easily linked together using the unique respondent ID variable ‘nomem_encr’.

There are three main categories of data available in the archive:

Background Variables
The socio-economic, demographic, and other general background information on households and respondents are updated each month (see The archive → Background Variables).

LISS Core Study
The LISS Core Study is a longitudinal study conducted every year and fielded to all LISS panel members of 16 years or older, providing information on a wide range of topics (see The panel → LISS Core Study).

Assembled Studies
Studies and experiments conducted as paid assignments for researchers or funded through the annual LISS-ODISSEI grant. Study data are initially delivered to the researchers in question. Six months after data delivery, the data are also made available in the LISS Data Archive and can be accessed by other researchers.


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